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I have been involved in BIM for around 10 years, developing and marketing BIM software tools, contributing to standards, working on government supported research projects, consulting, and running a BIM department for a large construction company. It is a subject which I am passionate about, and believe is the best process for creating the increasingly complex buildings which are being developed today.

30% of the value of construction projects is lost due to waste and inefficiency

When you think of how much hard cash this represents, it is truly mind boggling. On just one of the projects I am currently working on this could be as much as $5 Billion – a massive waste of time, money and resources. BIM provides tools and processes to help avoid a significant proportion of this waste, delivering better value to clients, and increased profit margins for the contractors.

In this blog, I aim to stray away from the main topic very little, as this is not a personal diary. However, occasionally there will be things which are worth saying that I can’t resist, so please bear with me.


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