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July 26, 2011 / Brendan McFarlane

Oh no, not another BIM blog…

I know what you are thinking, the world doesn’t need yet another blog about building information modelling. There are endless similar sites out there on the blogosphere, and surely everything has been said a million times already.

But what the heck, I’m in Saudi Arabia and frankly there’s not an awful lot to do when you’re not working. So I’m going to start yet another BIM blog whether you think it is a good idea or not. As those who may have stumbled across some of my comments on LinkedIn’s various BIM related groups will know, I am not worried about challenging norms or speaking my mind on contentious subjects, so I hope it won’t be too predictable.

Before Google consumed @Last Software, the company that created SketchUp, I used to look forward to their gloriously light hearted newsletters that landed in my inbox every few weeks. I will try and draw on those newsletters as inspiration for the style of this blog, but I’m sure I’m not as talented a wordsmith as the guys that put those mails together, so you will have to put up with my feeble interpretation of their highly entertaining approach to communication. I may still have a few or their mails lurking around in the archives, and I may post them here just for old time’s sake.

Desert near Riyadh

Speaking of living in Saudi, Ramadan starts next week and as it is my first year here in Riyadh, I’m not quite sure what to expect. I know that I won’t be allowed to eat or drink during daylight hours, at least within sight of my Muslim co-workers, and neither in the car to and from work, so it could be a bit of a challenge. However, the big issue that I have been told I need to take care of is that in the hour leading up to the end of the day’s fasting, the roads are even more dangerous than normal, if that is possible, as everyone tries to get home just in time to eat when it’s over for the day. Saudi has the highest per capita death rate for car accidents, and 30% of all accidents are at traffic lights, so I have devised a new route home via the motorway to keep well clear of the red light roulette brigade.

Feel free to flame, rant and even if I get something wrong (nobody’s perfect) correct my ramblings via the comments, but if you want to use the comments as a vehicle to peddle miracle cures, blue pills and watches of dubious origin then find another outlet.


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